Fucked Up World

We live in a world where people tell you to be Yourself, but when you are yourself people make fun of you or hurt you. Its messed up.

People talk about gays all the time hating on them. I am Christian, I don’t support it but I don’t hate on them.
God says don’t judge people, god says don’t hate anyone. God is all about love am I right? Homo sexual’s are with each because they love each other. Gods wants people to be happy right? These people are happy and people need to respect that!

Bullying is one of the most hurtful things in the world! I have been bullied. I hated it. If you have ever been bullied you know how it feels. Think before you say something even If it’s joke. Calling someone a name, then saying just kidding means nothing! When you say hurtful things it sticks with the person. They start to think. They start to believe. Then they don’t think and they harm them self because one word. About every 18 minuets sombody dies from suicide. So about 80 suicides a day. You would think people would learn to be nice and shut up.

We are all human,
We all make mistakes,
We all cry,
We are all the same but we still think it’s okay to hurt other. We are all human we all need to watch out for one another. Instead if pushing people down.

We Live In One Fucked Up World.

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